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Good quality Concrete Cutting Wire Saw Machine for sales
Good quality Concrete Cutting Wire Saw Machine for sales
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  • Production Line


         Research and Development Center


           Guangdong Team-D Group  Co.,Ltd

          Team-D has powerful research and development team, with more than twenty members all using SOLIDWORKS, Proe and other software for 3D modeling, motion simulation, finite element analysis, engineering drawings processing, exploded views assembly, engineering mechanics analysis, material weight statistics. Most of the research and development personnel have 2~10 years of on-site construction experience, in view of the field working conditions to develop and improve various models of machines. At the same time, we can customize the machines according to customers' construction plans, optimize the shortcomings of their machines, as well as develop various types of wire saws, wall cutting machines, mine wire saws and underwater cutting wire saws for all kinds of engineering projects.

    The supervisor, with more than 25 years' experience in the research and development of hydraulic wall cutting machine and wire saw. All his life, he keeps discussing the relevant technical issues with the excellent concrete drilling cutting experts from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

          The drawing designer, graduating from a famous Chinese university and having years of experience in hydraulic machine.



          Guangdong Team-D Group  Co.,Ltd


    Assembly Workshop


          The assembly workshop covers an area of 1800 square meters, for assembly of various models of machines aiming at the tasks assigned by the company. The assembly staff have abundant working experience reaching an average of over five years, and the newly recruited staff must have been trained and assessed before allowed to get to work. The production tasks are assigned by the production department to the production team leader for arrangement, so as to ensure that the personnel and operations in assembly workshop site meet the requirements, and achieve high-quality, efficient, low-consumption, safety production. in strict accordance with the "production scheduling" issued by the production plan to reasonably arrange all the production task matters, carrying out supervision and inspection on the production site, assessing regularly.



    Warehouse purchase and Distribution Center


         Team-D cooperates with many international first-tier big brands, and the multi way valve, high pressure oil pump, hydraulic motor, oil filter element, electric motor, high pressure oil pipe, filter element are all imported parts.

         The warehouse personnel all have many years of experience in warehouse management, mainly for warehousing and distribution of spare parts of each model, spare parts inventory checking, accounts, report forms and sorting, storage of raw materials, site management of delivery, product varieties, models, specifications classification, as well as packaging, placement, marking, and coordinating the warehouse department with other departments. All the employees have mastered professional know.


          Advanced CNC Machinining  Center

          Guangdong Team-D Group  Co.,Ltd

         The advanced CNC machining center has 65 sets of various models of machines, 35 processing technicians and 15 senior technical backbones. All technicians cannot go to work before passing various strict technology assessments. The processed models of machines include: large vertical CNC machining center, horizontal CNC boring and milling center, small CNC machining center. According to the drawings samples of the research and development team, all kinds of precise and efficient processing can be carried out. The precision can reach 0.01mm. Each product has special person tracking, to follow up the progress and quality in time, so as to ensure the stability and practicability of every product. The staff all have mastered professional knowledge and rich experience of CNC machine operations.


    OEM/ODM Production is available. 

  • R&D


                                                Research and Development Advantage


             1. Our company has independently developed and improved the hydraulic wall saw and wire saw through the president Deng Yinghua's more than 20 years of experience in the front line of construction. Among which, we have obtained two Chinese national patents. The volumes of the original huge wall saw and wire saw have been reduced half. The latest products can even be operated by one person, which is the initiation in China. This improvement greatly reduces the cost of personnel and increases the security in work.


              2. Research and development department: there are 15 research and development personnel,and this year, new types of products that can be remotely operated and have larger cuttin area will be launched.


          3. Construction team: at the same time, the user experience has been constantly improve and consummated through the application feedback of the large construction team in the front line of our subsidiaries. The products come from the research and development, and the research and development come from the field operation, thus fully taking virtuous cycle advantage.

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